Newest photon trap: Lytro Illum

The future has no limits …

inshadowz: out of context

If Camera 1.0 was film-based, and Camera 2.0 was
the transition from film to digital, we’re at Camera 3.0.

? Jason Rosenthal, Lytro CEO


To me, as someone used to old-fashioned SLR cameras, the design seems a bit odd, but with both the ability to refocus after the image is taken, and getting real 3D from a single image, this looks very intriguing indeed ? In fact it looks like pure magic. I imagine such a camera brings us one quantum step closer to actual practical holographic snapshot photography (which I guess slots in at Camera 4.0 or 5.0).

I for one am putting this one gadget up on my madly-coveting-list, post haste!


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